Help support the Clemmons family on Mission.

We’re deeply grateful to our family and friends who are supporting us prayerfully and financially as we navigate this season without income. Choose your support level below.

The Monthly Supporter

We depend on our monthly supporters to help us make ends meet as we live off our savings and your generous donations.

Choose any amount you’d like to support us at each month, and be sure to click “Make this a monthly donation”.

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One-Time Donations

Eat-for-a-week / $50

Not to brag, but I’m a really good grocery shopper. Make a one-time donation of $50, and our family of 4 will eat for a week.

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Drive-for-a-month / $100

There’s no way around it, Birmingham is a driving city. Make a one-time donation of $100, and we’ll be able to afford the fuel to get us to classes, church, and the occasional outing to the Botanical Gardens.

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Keep-the-lights-on / $200

We’re candle people as often as we can be, but we’re not quite off-the-grid yet. Make a one-time donation of $200, and we’ll be able to pay our utility bills for the month.

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Zack buys books / $500

Just kidding. My school expenses are coming out of savings. But your generous one-time gift of $500 means we’ll be able to cover medical expenses (did we mention we’re expecting a new baby in January?), insurances, and perhaps the occasional coffee.

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