Gathering up a bouquet of delightful thoughts

Living Water

A Clemmons Studio Update A major part of our family’s life ‘on mission’ is Erin’s vocation as an artist. Two weeks ago, she had the opportunity to speak with a women’s recovery home about a sculpture she made, based on the Gospel story of the woman at the well: I’ve often wanted to write about […]

Life in Heaven: An All Saints’ Sermon

What follows is the text of a sermon I preached yesterday at Faith Anglican Church in Cordova, TN. It’s a sermon for All Saints’ Day. — All Saints’ in Autumn It’s fitting, I think, that All Saints’ Day falls in the middle of autumn. Autumn is that season—at least in the Northern Hemisphere where the […]

What Is It Like to Be a Jesus?

A Sermon for Proper 8 | Mark 5:21-43 Introduction: What is it like to be a bat? There’s a famous essay by the philosopher Thomas Nagel entitled, “What is it Like to Be a Bat?” Now, I realize it’s probably not the best time in human history to talk about bats, but, here we go […]