At Home

One part of our vocation is to create and care for a real place on earth.

This is, if I can ascend the learning curve, where we’ll post updates and ruminations on our life at home. What is the shape our life here takes? How do we arrange, what do we built, plant? How do we divide and form and fill our space and our time?

Abandon all hope, ye DIY-enthusiasts, ye life-hackers. Our end is contentment & Sabbath rest, and our means are planned inefficiency and our own (very) unskilled labor.

Already our home has proved unwieldy, and in need of more care than we’d care to give (more on this anon). This has been, then, our first lesson in ownership, membership, and the obligations of home. It has not been a pleasant one. But I trust it will prove a good one.

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