Clemmons on Mission

We’re the Clemmons family–Zack, Erin, Eleanor, and Ames–living & studying & working in Birmingham, Alabama for sake of God’s Kingdom.

Zack is in seminary, studying to be a pastor in the Anglican Church in North America as he serves as a deacon at Christ the King Anglican Church.

Here, you can find regular updates about what we’re up to, what Zack’s studying,

You can also support us financially as we navigate this new season on mission, without incomes.

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Updates from the Clemmons Family


In autumn, I see what always is—with a sound like the soft clattering of waterthe eloquent air wends its way and plucks a leaf, tired and shiningfrom its sapped branch, and the leaf loiters,then spirals and gyres, flits and lifts,roaming the atmosphere’s labyrinth,its form fit to each instance of air. The fallen leaves alight where they’ve…

Living Water

A Clemmons Studio Update A major part of our family’s life ‘on mission’ is Erin’s vocation as an artist. Two weeks ago, she had the opportunity to speak with a women’s recovery home about a sculpture she made, based on the Gospel story of the woman at the well: I’ve often wanted to write about…

Life in Heaven: An All Saints’ Sermon

What follows is the text of a sermon I preached yesterday at Faith Anglican Church in Cordova, TN. It’s a sermon for All Saints’ Day. — All Saints’ in Autumn It’s fitting, I think, that All Saints’ Day falls in the middle of autumn. Autumn is that season—at least in the Northern Hemisphere where the…

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